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How to Select Research Design for a Documentary Research

Research about finding new things and creating your own sets of knowledge that what you observed or gain from past researchers. It can be stated as “research is a process of finding or gain a better piece of knowledge”, but nowadays due to busy schedule students did not go for writing these paper they usually prefer to buy research papers online because of it easy to tell our requirements the professional writers.

Documentary search can be stated in a way that uses of personal and other official documents as knowledge source material. These documents are in the form of a newspaper, stamps, handbills, diaries, directories, maps, government statistical publications, pictures, paintings, telephone records, tapes, files, and others. These are the documents from where you can search. Documentary search is usually conducted by the social scientist to acknowledge themselves from a set of documents for social value or for some historical events documentary research is also known by the name as CONTENT ANALYSIS RESEARCH.


Documentary search method in social search provides with the general understanding of DSM (Documentary search method). It uses a specific tool for a successful implementation.

In this year or in recent years there are a different number of social research scholars to elaborate on the importance of documentary research. But as far this method has little attention as far we compared to other methods of study. Whereas this method can be utilized in all fields of study where all the documentary procedures are followed like business communications, anthropology, educations, economics, medicines, political sciences, social work, and sociology. It requires a lot of learning skills to do and hence this is times consuming too. There are many websites and portal who have their professional writers who write papers make our work easy.

Although documentary research method is not that much important or popular in social science research it is accepted as an everlasting method in scientific research method. Documentary search serves as the complement to add extensions of biography inquiry, which takes on a different meaning of field of education.

In another case, documentary research produces the artifacts and different materialistic culture through artistic representation, moving and still imagery things.

Proposal Content:

  1. Write a cover page that should include strong ideas.
  2. Table of Contents.
  3. The format of your topic which you choose like the story, novelette.
  4. One-line that descriptively and compellingly introduces your topic.
  5. One paragraph about your topic that what purpose you are writing.
  6. Treatment which describes your theme, story outline, structure, style, documentary mode, the point of view, potential interviewees, questions that you will be going to ask?
  7. Audience: choose those communities or resources that attracts.
  8. Background and Research: This area includes the current status of the project, that why you are writing on this subject/documentary mode and a summary of your research.
  9. Production personnel: Include a full resume for yourself that why are you are creating documents on this documents and your interest.
  10. Written documentation describing your work schedule that how much you have to give time to your work/ make a proper plan to assign the task.
  11. Storyboards: it may include storyboards or visual elements that may include paintings, photos of participants, example, that give a feel for your approach to your documentary.
  12. A budget.
  13. A schedule of your story from start to end.

Make sure that you have to include visuals throughout your proposal.  Your main task is to make your presentation memorable as possible. Make a copy of your proposal for yourself to work with according to the procedure. This is documentary research paper requires proper searching material from different sources like through internet and other. Nowadays people usually prefer to buy research papers online through different resources.


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